Best longboards For Freeride

Best longboards For Freeride

Best longboards for freeride

Freeriding is formed from two types of longboarding, including the downhill and freestyle. Despite being similar to the original downhill, freeriding is totally a new style of longboarding because riders can perform different tricks, slides, spins and so on.

The are a lot of brands, and it is not easy to know what is the best longboard brands. Each type of longboards is designed to suit different type of longboarding. For a freeride longboard, its length isn’t usually more than 42 inches because it is difficult for riders to make all tricks with too long length.

So what kind of longboards will suit freeride style? It is recommended that riders should use drop-through longboards with the length from 38 to 42 inches and the width of 8-10.5 inches. Moreover, you have to also take notice of the trucks which should not only be strong and resistant to the sharp pins but also suitable for the rate of your longboards. With an angle of 50-52 degrees on its base, the truck will help you to have better slides and the angle of 40-45 degrees is perfect for the stability. What about the wheels? It is recommended that medium or small sizes will help you feel more stable when freeriding, but it’s up to you.

In conclusion, you can choose any types of longboards for freeriding, however, in order to make the best riding with your longboards, you should pay attention to these information as below:

  • Length(38-42 Inches)
  • Width(8-10.5 Inches)
  • Trucks(50-52 degrees or 40-45 degrees are suitable, depending on  your preferences)
  • Wheels(Small-Medium size)

Following are several types of longboards for you to look at:

  • Landyachtz Switch40 “Fox Red”

This is a drop-through longboard with the length of 40 inches and width of 9.65 inches. It is a great longboard for you to perform freeriding because it will bring you stability, wonderful experience and lots of fun.

  • Sector 9 Dropper 41

This is also a perfect longboard for you to practice freeriding. You can slide for many hours and make several freestyle tricks when going downhill easily thanks to its long tail and nose. Its length is 41.8 inches and its width is 9.6 inches.

  • DB Urban Native 38

With this longboard, you will have the best experience at the time of freeriding because of its perfect size. Its size is 38 inches in length and 9.88 inches in width.

  • Santa Cruz Rob Hand Footstop 40

With the length of 40 inches and the width of 10 inches, this drop-through longboard is perfect and especially designed for riders who want to enjoy the most authentic graphics.

  • Arbor Axis Bamboo 40

Being derived from design of a snowboard and its drop-through mounting, this beautiful will give you the best experience at the time you make a slide. The size of this board is 40-inch length and 8.8-inch width. It is said that this longboard is now the best one for freeriding in the market currently.

Compare the driving styles with the Longboard

First things first: How to brake with a longboard?

Compare the driving styles with the LongboardOnly those who can brake properly, should be trusted to the other driving techniques. Especially with the techniques at high speeds the brake is very important in order to avoid painful accidents. During braking, a distinction is basically two techniques (a stand-up slights excluded). In both cases, is braked with the foot. The normal brake is applied to the back foot that Mongobremse with the front foot. In both variants, the mainstay remains on the board. To brake, shift your weight to the du foothold. The mainstay Winkelst you to while your brake foot moved toward the road. First, you put on the heel, which slowly follows the entire sole of the foot. If the placement went well, you can put pressure to get the right moment to stop.

In full swing come with pumps

With the pump you bring your longboard right on going. For this you stand transversely to the direction of the board usually. Important: Both feet remain on the board. With a rhythmic elliptical motion that is applied over the shoulder especially on the front axle, the longboard moves forward without that you have to take one foot off the board. The best way to learn the technique, if you build yourself a small slalom obstacle course that you anfährst at a speed of 8-10 km / h.

The centrifugal force is the secret when Sliden

For Sliden you need soft axes and if you do the deep slide, even gloves. The Sliden is a special driving technique executed skillfully, orderly makes an impression. You can Sliden standing or with one hand on the asphalt in the so-called deep slide. In standing Slide the center of gravity is shifted slightly and your legs stretch out in the Slide into it. Use the centrifugal and watch out for your balance. You may quit Slide if you shift your body weight toward Brett. When deep Slide your focus is shifted to the hand, with the brush past asphalt. At the end engages the rear hand on the board along with the body shift to the board out. Alternatively, you can also stretch into the air, the rear hand.

Pushing and carving with the Longboard

The pushing is when longboarding the Anschwung. Contrary to the normal driving shows the mainstay while pushing in the direction of travel. The swing leg is now next to the board on the asphalt and leveled from front to rear to propel the board. Pay attention to sufficient distance from the board in order not to cause a fall. Carving works best if you just possible standing loose and on the board. Let the board running in the curve. When Folding back the knees are bent. If you mastered the carving properly, you can incorporate many other techniques.

The Best Skateboard Brands

To mark the brands in skateboarding sport never easy, because this sport more popular, more and more brands come out with very high quality competition. No brand is really perfect, only the differences will become the focus of each brand with different advantages and disadvantages. Since the market is already saturated, this article provides readers acquainted with some well-known brands on the market today, suitable for many kinds of objects of different users.


The Best Skateboard BrandsIsle

This is the first brand to be mentioned on this list by the dominant that it brings, although its functionality is better suited to be exhibited in the museum than it sold in the local restaurant. With the creation of the brand image of the leader skateboarding, it gives users the impression profound art.


With a series of resounding success throughout the forum as well as the site of skateboarding, with feature changes stiffness with flexibility, this brand holds an important position, bringing a deep sense for user.


It is misguided to ignore this brand when it comes to skateboarding, with the lure that brought in recent years to many different objects used, so this mark will immediately make you feel rely heavily on the miracle that will bring


Unlike other famous brands mentioned in this list, highlight Sk8mafia silently toward their own base while relying on the core disciplines of skateboarding to further enhance and extra develop completely.


With strong investment from the manufacturer, the FTC has developed its reputation over global coverage, bringing practical benefits for those who love and passion for this sport. With insurance for the equipment they provide, they deserve a trusted user and recognized by its reputation.


This brainchild is an excellent choice, with unique style, excellent service that it provides technical. Some form of beauty created by the destruction, always cover including associated activities to create the perfect brand.


With the establishment of a sudden and unexpected situation after the destruction of the Irish seminar, group of boys had decided to rebuild now with psychedelic art features and differences. Faced with strong rivals on the market today, the boys have not stopped trying and skilful in marketing the brand and raised to new heights.


As a brand associated with the classic lineup, HUF have applied their strengths to master game skate shoes. Despite inadequate resources, limited budgets, but they are willing to confront and face the risks, promote continuous development in the fierce battle with rivals. Clearly, the addition of many new products, supported by experts will help this brand is growing stronger


A brand despite all the difficulties to make up the difference, with the soft and flexible customization according to the weather, they always focus on the graphic style theories, focus and image. Never stop learning and development, always looking for new ways to contribute to the development of the culture of skateboarding. Even if only a small store until rehabilitation and towards the fledgling brand it is today thanks to the restructuring.


A brand with steady style. A representative for Paris, France, which means you can enjoy free use of skis with unique illustrative style, helping users enjoy comfortable style that sets free skateboarding brings to us.

Above are some of the leading luxury brands that you can feel secure when starting to use the product to purchase a skateboarding. Be wise consumers to choose the most suitable product.

Learning To Skateboard


The investigation first skateboard purchase not too difficult to have a thorough understanding of the elements that set up a stateboard as trucks, deck, wheels, bearings .. and retrofit some facilities other equipment to ensure security when using controlled skateboard as cushion to protect sensitive components injury, helmets for protection rubber where, costumes and special shoes. Becoming expert in your way, let’s start from the most basic issues and gradually face challenges when ready than with techniques difficult. A good foundation for understanding the basics will help you easily become a more proficient athlete after workout time to look forward to the next level. Skateboarding like the classic skateboarding, using powers and position to control the board, requiring a leg in front and left rear leg.

Balancing on a skateboard

Balance Skateboard

Not easy to skillful and adept at balancing certainty right from the first practice. There is a useful tip that you can apply to have a companion, it’s the other person will help you by pushing gearing for you instead use your legs, this will help your legs feel more comfortable at the start. In the first basic step, learning how to balance and get used to the board is the most important thing. To simplify, you should look for areas with large flat surfaces and to freely control the skateboard without worrying obstacles hindering during workouts. Standing on the board with ease, relax yourself, some tips will require changing your stance. Forelegs put on trucks near the bolts, bolts on foot after the truck back. This creates balance by placing your foot correctly. The knee is a division should heed, slowly bend your knees and bend, jump around, kicking back to feel the hardness of the truck. Even, you can feel the movement of the whole skateboard and try to keep your balance through the front wheels.

Some advanced tricks

  • Hitting the pavement when going into the city, the location may be selected as an empty parking lot or a wide area ground to you confident stance balance while standing on the board. You get the feeling of comfort when flexed with the truck, put weight on the toe, heel loose.
  • Push off with the front foot angled established under the nose of the board, located on the front truck bolts, then put on the table leg. This is an action does not require too many complex skills, just focus on maintaining balance and stability in the leg trying to push a few times when traveling in a row before replacing the foot rest
  • Turn mellow by setting foot in the standard position, the forelegs and hind legs straight across the width of the deck and controlled transition towards turn and change your weight.
  • Turn Sharper applied by placing the pot before the bolts on the front, left foot slightly sloping on the tail of the board aims to create a turning point thanks to the leverage created by the thrust to provide the leverage needed to make a turning point.
  • Stops are set with angled front legs on truck, driven by the nose of the board, then put on the table leg horizontal deck. This is a common approach when you want to use the foot brake to stop by pressuring ground
  • Small slope with the front foot forward, left foot on the ground to implement the above table horizontally across the board.

Learning about some improved tips after  mastered time practicing will make you feel love this creative sport much more.

What longboard helmets are suitable for riders

What longboard helmets are suitable for riders


What longboard helmets are suitable for riders

It isn’t denied that, a longboard helmet is the most important piece of protective accessory. When suffering from an accident, riders completely mend their scraped elbows and knees or even reset their fractured bones. However, if accidents happen to your unsecured head such as a blow to head without a helmet, damage will be very serious and difficult to be irreversible potentially. So, you must admit that head is the most precious part of your body and it needs a special protection if you don’t want to live a plant life or experience a brain transplant.

When is an Open face Longboard Helmet suitable and acceptable?

If you are getting about campus or the city on your longboard, a regularly open face longboard helmet or half-shell one is quite suitable because it will cover the top, the back and all sides of your head so you will have adequate protection to enjoy your longboarding. The structure of an open longboard helmet includes a hard, bucket-shaped exterior shell and interior part. There are lots of materials used to manufacture this helmet’s shell such as ABS plastic, Kevlar, fiberglass composite or carbon fiber. Whereas, the interior part usually comprises of a cushiony, soft foam interior protective liner. This interior part is designed to reduce the force of a blow.

When is a full-face longboard helmet necessary?

A full face longboard helmet is an extremely great choice for you if you are riding a longboard with very high speed or if you need a perfect protection for your face. Thanks to its high quality and safety, you can this type of helmet when you are taking part in a downhill hill biking and BMX. In order to meeting the demand of protecting riders’ faces, these types of helmets will contain a thin and exterior hard shell. With such a structure, a great part of your head, except for your eyes and nose, will be protected. Hard plastic, a fiber glass composite or carbon fiber can be used to manufacture the exterior shell.

Construction & Materials

To meet your demand best, it is very important for you to consider its materials when buying a longboard helmet. You should look for a longboard helmet which is made of light and high-quality material but can resist the force of a blow well to protect your head perfectly if a serious fall happens. Besides that, several venting ports should be included in a longboard helmet to let maximum airflow into your head to make you feel comfortable when longboarding under a hot temperature.


Fitting is the most vital thing to make sure that your head is safely protected. When choosing a longboard helmet, you should choose ones having adjustable straps to get the most comfortable and a perfect fit with your head.

Look to the Ratings

Recently, the ratings for longboard helmets have been developed by the SNELL Memorial Foundation and the Department of Transit. The mission of these two governmental agencies is to check and test the longboard helmets and also give out limits for the helmet’s safety. Therefore, when looking for a longboard helmet, you should pay attention to this and find longboard helmets which are tested and approved by these agencies to get a high-quality one and protect your head well.

When riding a longboard, you can’t say surely that you will never fall or when you will fall. Therefore, you should wear a longboard helmet whenever longboarding to protect your head if an accident may occur and you consider above information.

What you should to consider when buying a cheap longboard

Factors need to consider


What you should to consider when buying a cheap longboard

It can’t be denied that longboarding is a wonderful sport. It is completely an amazing hobby for all people to enjoy, to relax or to exercise to improve their health and so on.

Normally, to approach and meet the demand of all customers who are rich or who just have normal financial conditions, for any products, producers usually produces different types of products with different quality, features and price and so on. It is also the same with longboards. To surve longboarding riders, leading longboard companies have introduced and sold lots of expensive longboards and also not few affordable and cheap ones in the market. Depending on your financial conditions, riders can choose suitable longboards for them. With high price, you may completely believe in the longboard’s quality. However, in order to make sure that the cheap longboard you are buying still has high quality, some important factors for you to consider as following:


You should never think that a cheap longboard means a low-quality one which is produced by an unknown brand with a bad reputation. Please remember that, a very famous and reputable company which is known with extremely expensive and high-quaity longboards can produce a lot of affordable and cheap ones to serve common customers. Therefore, when finding a cheap longboard, you completely limit your search to companies renowned for making high-quality ones. By doing this, you are surely pleased with your purchase.

Construction and Materials

One of the most important things you have to consider when buying a cheap longboard is its materials. You must check what material that longboard is made of, bamboo or hardwood and whether it has good quality or not. Also, whether is material of wheels a good quality hard plastic or not and how about trucks? You must check carefully.

When you know exactly materials to form a longboard, you will be more satisfied with products you have bought and its life will be longer.

Deck Style

The style of deck is considered one of the most important factors for the performance and riding style of the longboard. Based on the deck style, you can know that longboard is the most suitable for what type of riding style. For example, a drop deck will provide riders the highest stability and it is extremely suited for downhill racing and travelling in long distance. Currently, in the market, there are lots of low-cost longboards which are suitable for downhilling, so consider carefully and choose the right one you need.

Customer Reviews

With any type of products sold in the market, their quality is assessed the most exactly by customers not advertisement of producers. Therefore, when deciding to buy a cheap longboard, you should look at the opinions and assessment of customers who used that longboard.

Moreover, although having lots of good and affordable boards introduced in the market, there is also a plenty of cheap and fake ones with low quality. You also must read customer reviews and consider carefully and distinguish these products before making your decision.

Now, a lot of cheap and quality longboards for sale in the market now, so before buying a cheap one, beginners and also professional riders should pay attention to above information to choose good and suitable ones for your styles of longboarding.

Best Longboard For Girls

Best Longboard For Girls


Best Longboard For GirlsNowadays, longboarding becomes quite popular in the world. It can’t be doubted that girls can play this sport as well as men. It seems that longboarding is one of the best ways to assess the personality or athletic capacities of a girl. To ride a longboard well, one of the most important things is that girls should find a suitable longboard so that their skills and capacities can be expressed the best.

Actually, it quite difficult to say what longboards might be the best for girls to ride because each girl has different preferences and criteria to choose a longboard for them. Basing on surveys and feedback from girl riders, we would like to introduce some of the most suitable and the best longboards for girls to consider which are also quite popular in the market.

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo

This flexible bamboo board is one of the most suitable longboards for girls because of its suitable length and proper hardness level of wheels. As in its name, “super cruiser” means this longboard is the best choice for cruising style but it is quite normal for downhilling and other riding styles.

  • Basic information of this longboard:
  • Size: 44 inches x 10 inches x 5.5 inches
  • Wheels size: 70mm x 51mm
  • Hardness of wheels: 80A

Especially, the wheel bite can be prevented thanks to the aluminum inverted trucks with the size of 7 inches.

Atom Pintail Longboard

This type of longboard makes beginners always feel satisfied because riders can use it easily at the first time without prior experiences. Its deck is laminated with maple to prevent from wheel bite. Especially, thanks to its 8.5 aluminum trucks which are very strong and durable, longboarders can ride at high speed safely and at any types of disadvantageous conditions with no damage. In condition, it seems to be a reliable and suitable longboard for a girl to perform all kinds of riding.

Atom Drop Through, 10 .6x 41.7-Inches

With this longboard, girl riders can avoid nearly all difficulties easily thanks to its durability, flexibility and safety. With the deck’s size of 41.7 x 4.7 x 10.6 inches and weight of 8.8 pound, longboarders can perform all types of riding, especially downhilling. A particular character of this longboard is the Reserve Kingpin trucks which come with 245 mm axles making the longboard extremely handy when downhilling. Particularly, this longboard is also famous for its steadiness thanks to its 80S grip tape which provides safety, stability and smoothness for riders at extremely speed.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down

This longboard is very suitable for girl riders whose major problem is falling. Because of its highly concave incurvation, the toe and heel are provided with enough grip. TheYocaher Professional Speed Drop Down longboard has a bi-directional design helping riders change their position easily without need of rotating the longboard all the way.

Some basic information:

  • Size: 41.2 x 9 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 8.2 pounds
  • Wheel: 70 x 52 mm (Q-ball wheels)
  • Hardness level: 78A (suitable for all riding types)

Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail

Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail can be considered as a basic longboard for girls. The length of the truck is 180 mm with an 8mm diameter. This longboard offers a stable and smooth ride for girl riders thanks to its ABEC-7 bearings with a hole of 8 mm. It is well known as a longboard for girl.



Special Terms In Longboarding You Should Know

Special Terms In Longboarding You Should Know?


Nowadays, longboarding is becoming very popular all over the world. Here are several terms and techniques used in longboarding for you to know the basic tricks, techniques, and terms.



There is no rule that all riders must use their right foot only or their left foot when riding any type of longboard because each person has a naturally dominant foot, therefore, they can use their right foot or left foot to ride a longboard if they feel comfortable. Regular stance means their left foot is positioned in front and goofy stance means their right foot is placed in front comfortably.


Switch stance means riding the opposite of your natural body stance, like a left handed person working with their right hand. It is very awkward when riding with this style but you worthily receive admiration and respect from riders if you can do this.


A heelside turn or slide is conducted by using pressure the longboard’s rail that is closest to your heels. If you are regular, a heelside turn and a left turn are the same. If you are goofy, a heelside turn and a right turn are the same. Frontside turns and slides can also be understood as heelside turns and slides.


A toeside turn or slide is conducted by using pressure the longbaord’s rail that is nearest to your toes. If you are regular, a toeside turn and a right turn are the same. If you are goofy, a toeside turn and a left turn are the same. Backside turns and slides can be also understood as toeside turns and slides


Wheelbite happens when the wheels rub on the underside of the deck, and consequently, the board will stop causing the rider to fly over the front. This occurs when a new longboard setup is put together, and even at slow speeds. If you wheelbite occurs to you, try using riser pads, smaller wheels, or harder, more restrictive bushigns.


Foot braking is the most important technique you should learn at first when you are getting used to riding any type of longboard. To perform this technique, you take your pushing foot off your board and drag the sole of your shoe along the road to reduce your speed. Although foot braking can wreck your shoes, it is considered the safest and most effective technique to control your speed in most of situations.


Pumping is another technique in longboarding. Using your legs and hips to move the momentum from side to side increase or maintain your speed. Pumping will be performed the best with boards having small wheelbases and/or flexible constructions.


You must turn your board hard enough in order for your wheels to lose traction and begin to slide across the riding surface if you want to perform a power slide. This action can be used as a trick or a way to control speed.


Pendulum/ shut down slides is a very functional movement to slow yourself down or stop at the end of a run. To perform a pendulum slide, firstly, you must place your one or both hands on the ground (make sure that you are wearing slide gloves!), then swing your board across your body. When the board is reaching a full 180, you will feel that the wheels’ direction is reversed. This will help your board gain the momentum, it is necessary to swing back across your body so that the pendulum will be finished and the traction will be at its original position.


Stand up slide is a kind of power slides and is performed by standing up with no hands to be used.


Speed tucks are a technique used to against air resistance by bending your body into a more aerodynamic position. To become a fast downhill rider, it’s very necessary to have a good tuck.

Safety Equipments For Longboarding

Safety Equipments For Longboarding


Safety equipments for longboarding

Longboarding is a kind of skateboarding which is a hazardous sport. You can’t say that you will never face any accidents during going longboards. Therefore, safety equipments are very important for you to wear in order to protect you from accidents and minimize the risks and trauma. The most important safety equipments are helmets, slide gloves, elbow and knee pads. Here are some tips for you to choose safety equipments with high quality.


For any kind of skateboarding, helmets are very important and are must-have-protectors because your head – the most precious part of your body will be protected from accidents. Especially, when you ride longboards with the speed of 20 mph, even a slow slam can also cause serious consequences, therefore, wearing a high-quality helmet with just tens of dollars, it can save thousands of dollars for hospital bills.
Great advices as below are useful for you before buying a skate helmet:
• You can’t avoid a crash when longboarding
• Your brains can be easily scrambled even in a low-speed fall
• Wearing helmets are regulated by laws of several states and skateboard parks
• You will have a better coverage and protection when buying a helmet for skateboarding.
• You should choose skate helmets meeting the ASTM F1492 helmet standard for skateboard.
Please remember that, a skate helmet will protect your head and brain much better than a bike helmet during your longboarding. While bike helmets are very easy to be broken right after you hit hard at the first time because of its thin plastic material, the thickness of soft foam inside and hard shell on board helmets will help you soften the impact of the crash. Therefore, remember that wearing a skate helmet with a strong trap and an equally strong buckle to be fastened whenever you ride a longboard.

Slide gloves

Slide gloves are suggested as a safety item when longboarding although they are not forced to be worn with all types of longboarding because they will protect your hands from injury in case of falling. The component of slide gloves includes a work glove and pucks made by plastic or synthetic materials attached to the palm. With the support of slide gloves, you will get better balance by laying your palm down on the road when sliding. You can find longboarding gloves from many longboard companies with the price from $50 or more. If you have ability, you can make slide gloves by yourself from some cheap gloves and a puck to attach to them.

Elbow and knee pads

You will feel extremely confident when getting in full pads and therefore, it seems easier for you to learn new things from longboarding. You are recommended to find some elbow and knee pads to protect your bones in case of a crash, especially when you learn new tricks or slides. For example, when learning a toe slide, it’s difficult for beginners to avoid falling their knees on the road, so knee pads are very important to protect them. You should choose hard shelled caps for longboard knee and elbow pads for better safety because they will help you reduce your range of movement.